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‘Udayan’- the training centre of Mamata Shankar Ballet Troupe was initiated on Dec. 8, 1986 at 21A, Hindusthan Road in the southern part of the city, Calcutta.

Mamata Shankar, being the Principal of the institution started ‘Udayan’ with a handful of students. She impart lessons in the Uday Shankar style of dance and choreography and has high ambitions with her institution as well – these were the dreams of her celebrated parents Uday and Amala Shankar too, when they had begun their institute at Almora in Uttar Pradesh, in the early 40’s. Mamata dreamt of an institution, where children would learn discipline, group activity; they should be aware of their social responsibilities, be able to accept criticism as well as be a healthy critic, have concern for others, love their city, their own motherland, know their own culture, have respect for traditional values and norms but at the same time widen their vision nurturing the feeling of universal brotherhood. ----- all of these through the medium of dance only ! Children who enroll in "Udayan" not only learn dance, but also are groomed and nurtured to be a good human being in all respects, the society at large being the beneficiary in future.

Today, after more than two decade of its existence, "Udayan" feels proud and happy to have been able to produce young dancers and choreographers, who not only have been able to produce young dancers and choreographers, who not only have performed excellently almost all over the world, but have also been able to keep a mark of their training at "Udayan" elsewhere in the society.

Apart from the Annual performances "Udayan" also organises a choreography competition amongst the students of the institution titled "Choreo" only, being judged by eminent Guru’s and dancer’s of Calcutta.

The tremendous enthusiasm amongst the participating students in all the activities of "Udayan" speaks about the commitment for this style of dance itself, despite the pressures of studies and problems related with the city life.

"Udayan" is an institution having an aim of not only producing good dancers but also good human beings the citizens of India in the coming millenium.

The institution also aims to provide free lessons in dancing to students of the Lower Income Group. It would also have provisions for free education and medical facilities for the people of the Lower Income Group.

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