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Daughter of Uday and Amala Shankar and wife of Mr. Chandrodoy Ghosh is an accomplished dancer, choreographer and actress. Having her basic training in dance and choreography at the UDAY SHANKAR INDIA CULTURE CENTRE in Calcutta under the guidance of Smt. Amala Shankar, Mamata, following the footsteps of her father have imbibed that rare sense of choreography, which, apart from being highly imaginative is truly Indian in spirit ---- "a chip of the old block!" comment the press.

Over the past 29 years Mamata has choreographed several dance-dramas and short dance items on wide ranging contemporary themes. Amongst the most notable are Tagore's "CHANDALIKA", "HORIKHELA", "AAJKER EKALABYA", "MILAP", "SHIKAR", "VASANTOTSAV", "PRAKRITI", "KALMRIGAYA" & "MOTHER EARTH", "AMRITASYA PUTRA".

Jennifer Dunnings of New York Times Commented, "A vibrant theatrical experience. What distinguished the work was its way of telling a story so that the most jaded dance goers in the audience were lulled into rapt absorption", while reviewing "Aajker Ekalabya" in 1983.

Mamata has also received several awards, recognitions and noteworthy reviews from dance critics in UK, USA, GERMANY, PARIS, NORWAY, FINLAND, SWEDEN, BELGIUM, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, MONGOLIA, JAPAN, HOLLAND, EGYPT, GREECE, QATAR, WEST INDIES and MUSCAT.

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