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Activitites Our Repertoire (Choreographer : Mamata Shankar)
"Amritasya Putra"
We are all a spark of that divinity, born from the five elements, Fire, Space, Wind, Earth and Water. The soul moves in various forms in the cosmic world before entering the human body. The world is a stage, where a divine play is on, and we all have come to entact different characters, assigned to us by the divine power.

The very first emotional experince we have in our life, is that of love, mother's selfless, untainted and ever-caring love. The second stage of Love, is that of a friend, having no gender bariers, pure, innocent. The third stage of love,is the awareness of love between a man and a woman, sacred and pure.

Then gradually ignorance and delusion creeps in, and move us away from our own true self. The same love, which so far divine, innocent and pure, changes into lust, greed, desire and ego, breeding hatred, jelousy, anger and violence.

At the end, all we are left with is pain, suffering, and sorrow. It is then, out of repentance, that our inner search begins for the ultimate truth, and someday we realise that, we all are a spark of the Divinity, we all are "Amritasya Putra"
Script: Mamata Shankar, Duration: 50 min, Participants: Minm. 20 members
A dance-drama by Rabindranath Tagore based on a Buddhist legend. Tagore built up his dance-drama retaining the supernatural elements in the legend, holding high the revolutionary idealism of Lord Buddha and its impact on the common man. Choreographed in the Uday Shankar Style based on Tagore’s script.
Script & Music: Rabindranath Tagore, Duration: 70 min, Participants: Minm. 15 members
Based on HORIKHELA, a poem by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. The theme upholds the cause of universal peace amidst sufferings caused by war. Depicts the valour and bravery of Rajputs in a tale of revenge against the Pathans.
Music: Dipak Chowdhury, Script: Mamata Shankar, Duration: 35 min., Participants: Minm. 15 members
A lyrical composition by Rabindranath Tagore, based on a story from the epic ‘RAMAYANA’ where Dasaratha, the valiant king and an archer of repute was on a hunting spree with his band of kingsmen. Chasing a young elephant which eluded him in thick forest, shot an arrow aiming at the source of the sound.
Script & Music: Rabindranath Tagore, Duration: 60 min. Participants: Minm. 17 members
Rabindranath Tagore introduced an unique manner of celebrating the colourful festival of HOLI during the spring season in his Visva Bharati University campus at Santiniketan. This dawn to dusk festival is presented in an unique manner in the Uday Shankar style of choreography based on songs and poems written by Tagore.
Songs & Poems: Rabindranath Tagore, Script: Chandrodoy Ghosh, Duration: 60 min,
Minm. 17 members
Based on a topic from DISCOVERY OF INDIA by late Jawaharlal Nehru, the theme depicts conflicts between two generations when rural industrialisation tries to prove the benefits of collective work. Choreographed in the Uday Shankar style.
Music: Dipak Chowdhury, Script: Mamata Shankar & Chandradoy Ghosh, Duration: 35 mins,
Participants: Minm. 15 members
A ballet on the theme of Guru-Disciple relationship as prevalent in the present day society. The choreography has a distinct flavour of Indianness but also has contemporary dance forms blended in an unique manner
Music: Sri Rabin Das, Duration: 70 min. Script: Chandrodoy Ghosh, Participants: Minm. members 17
A contemporary choreographic presentation based on the theme of universal brotherhood. Depicted through the relationship between a group of tender, lively, playful leaves and an earthen mound. Based on contemporary music with Sanskrit chants and hymns, choreographed in the Uday Shankar Style.
Music: Assorted Selections, Script: Mamata Shankar, Duration: 30 min. Participants: Minm. 15 members
Based on a poem by well-known poet of Bengal Sri Jibanananda Das. Our society with its garb of culture, more often than not, disturbs the peace and tranquility of forests for it’s own pleasure. A deer who is consciously beautiful and loved by all the other deer is killed by a group of young revelers enjoying themselves in a manner known in our society as "picnic" or "party", filling themselves with the meat of the beautiful free creature of the forest!
Music: Dipak Chowdhury, Script: Mamata Shankar, Duration: 30 min. Participants: Minm. 17 members.
A collage of choreographic presentations on various contemporary themes and folk forms based on the Uday Shankar style. Mamata has choreographed these items on music composed by Pt. Ravi Shankar, Salil Chowdury, Philip Glass, J.S. Bach, Dr. L. Subramaniam, Ananda Shankar, Traditional Folk Songs etc. Each item has an approximate duration of 3 to 9 min. The total duration generally varies between 45 to 90 min.
Participants: Minimum 15 members.
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